Q: So, is it really THAT easy to make my own website??
A: Yes, you only need to follow the step-by-step instructions given on each page, briefly explained here:

• one of three templates
• your colors
• an image
• enter in your information
• select a domain name

Thats it. Simple, yet extremely effective.

Q: What will this cost me?
A: Your new home in cyberspace will only cost you $150 per year, thats less than $13 per month. This all-encompassing fee includes creation of the website, hosting of the site, AND domain name registration. You will not find a better deal anywhere else, and if you don't believe us, shop around. Most companies charge in MUCH in excess of $150 for website creation alone. With us, you get everything you need in one easy package.

Q: What methods of payment are accepted?
A: Once you've completed the neccesary steps, and are ready to check out, we accept both Visa and Mastercard for payments.

Q: Can I call if I do not feel comfortable paying online?
A: Buildadocsite.com's payment system is as secure as any online banking services (such as with JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, etc). But if you are still a bit nervous, feel free to call us at 1.877.898.4284 and you can speak with a live person to complete your transaction.

Q: Why does it take 2 to 3 days to see my site on the web after I check out?
A: There are special computers that work like “phone books”. When you go to a Web site your computer asks one of these “phone books” for the location of that site on the internet. When new sites are created these “phone books” around the world take about 3 days to update.

Q: What if the information on my Web site changes and needs to be updated?
A: You can email us your requests at updates@buildadocsite.com and we will call you back as a security precaution.